Our aim is to provide all children with engaging experiences which enable them to apply skills within the cross curricular responsibilities of Literacy, Numeracy, the Digital Competence Framework and Welsh as a second language across the six Areas of Learning and Experiences (AoLE):

• Expressive Arts

• Health and wellbeing

• Literacy, Language and Communication (including French as our International Language)

• Humanities

• Numeracy and Mathematics

• Science and Technology

Cwricwlwm Llais- A balanced and creative curriculum where pupil voice is central.

Our new curriculum is designed to empower, nurture, inspire and value our children's ideas and opinions.

It is a holistic approach which begins with an Immersion Day which is a day where learners take part in many exciting and creative activities to enthuse and inspire learners with their learning.

The topic is child-led, with pupils sharing ideas and research for how and what they would like to learn during the topic.

The children are then involved in the evaluation of their lessons which aids assessment and informs future planning.

The curriculum is designed for 21st century learning and encourages practical activities, research tasks and creative thinking.

It nurtures a love of learning and encourages key skills, gaining knowledge, wellbeing and school values.

Our curriculum is centred around providing all children with the knowledge, skills and experiences to work meaningfully towards achieving the Four Core Purposes, thus becoming:

• Ambitious Capable Learners

• Enterprising and Creative Contributors

• Ethical and Informed Citizens

• Healthy and Confident individuals

We firmly believe that,

‘Literacy starts with quality texts to teach knowledge and develop skills in spelling, phonics, writing, grammar, Reading, sentence structure and Oracy.’


‘Numeracy is taught using mathematical knowledge, applying, reasoning, challenging and moving into the abstract.’

Grwpiau Llais- Voice Groups

In October 2018, we began our Voice groups. The groups are set out below. Children from Year 2 to Year 6 join a group they are interested in and work together with teachers to make improvements to the school. The children’s work is part of our School Improvement Plan and their voices are vitally important in developing the ‘Four Purposes’ and to enhance our curriculum.

Our groups are:

• Eco Committee

• Criw Cymraeg

• Creative Crew

• Learning Squad

• School Council (Lead Llais)

• Care Campaigners (Wellbeing)

• Active Ambassadors

• Diversity Team

• DigitaI Leaders

The School Council members are represented in each group and meet together to share what all the groups are doing and to feedback to the Headteacher and Governors. The School Council also carries out important work of their own at our school and in collaboration with St Cyres and other primary schools in our cluster.