Vision & Values

Encourage Effort:
Celebrate Success

Our Vision

Cogan Primary School is a safe, secure and welcoming community, where all are respected and valued.

In partnership with parents we aim for our children to achieve their personal best: academically, socially and emotionally.

Every child is valued as an individual. We set high standards for all children and challenge and stimulate them towards excellence, as we want to guide our children on the road to success where they can achieve their ambitions and fulfil their potential.


Our Core Values

Equality - We focus on our school as an inclusive school; we aim for learning achievement for all children.

Community -We promote our school being at the heart of the community, we bring together all groups with an interest in the school to work together for our children.

Learning - It encompasses a robust curriculum planning, sound assessment and links with strong performance management to ensure a creative and challenging curriculum. Care- Wellbeing is at the heart of our school. We always go over and above to help each other, show compassion, affection and kindness to others. We care about ourselves, each other and our school.

Identity - we strive for excellent school improvement, raising standards and building a strong team with the capacity to lead others.

Our Aims

In Cogan School, we provide a safe, stimulating environment in which all children may be motivated towards independence of learning.

We aim to develop an awareness of the need for self-discipline in learning and social settings and to promote an atmosphere in which a child will feel confident to express opinions on cultural, social, emotional and educational issues.

We teach the skills to be compassionate, kind, caring and resilient and ensure our children have a say in their learning and school life.

Our children and staff are able to collaborate and connect with each other and form positive relationships.

We have strong connections with our community, communicating and supporting our families.