Additional Learning Needs

We ensure inclusion of all children enabling those with additional educational needs to be educated alongside their peers, by providing a differentiated curriculum and individual programmes of work if required.

In accordance with the new Additional Learning Needs and Education Tribunal (Wales) Act 2021, a register of pupils with additional educational needs is maintained. We seek advice from outside agencies and have links with the Local Authority.

Parents / carers of children with additional needs are invited to discuss the Individual Development Plan for their child. We offer a Person Centred Planning (PCP) approach. The School Additional Educational Needs Policy is available for parents to view.

More able and talented pupils are identified across the school and programmes of work are set to further develop and challenge these children as appropriate.

The school has a Hearing Resource Base for up to ten children. Children with hearing impairment are based with their specialist teacher of the deaf. They join their peer groups for aspects of the curriculum with support, as and when it is appropriate, and in consultation with the class teacher.

With regard to Looked After Children, we support the educational achievement of all children including those who may be looked after. Mrs Sibert has designated responsibility for looked after children.

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